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Customer Testimonials

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Our Customers like us a lot!

We have received many compliments and testimonials over the years from customers who had Alcor install their solar pool heating systems.  You can just visit and and search for Alcor Solar.

Alcor stands by each installation, and our customers know that. Below are some of the actual customer testimonials! If you are a past customer we would love to hear from you!


"My pool is at 83 degrees today. It is heated totally by my new panels. I had a nice swim. When not swimming, the pool is covered. I love the system."

- Doug, Apr 2021
"I am glad I went with Al as he provided the best price and a no-nonsense approach. Because he owns the company, he is the "sales guy", has less overhead than the bigger company and has a vested interest in making sure that you are a happy customer because the company is his livelihood."

- M. A., Jan 2019
"My house had very old pool heating solar panels on it. I had my entire house re-roofed and electrical solar installed. Alcor coordinated removal of their old panels before the roofing/solar work, and installed new pool solar panels promptly after the roofing/solar work. I was very happy with their work."

- Eric, Apr 2018
"I was redoing a very old solar pool system and found Alcor online, They were extremely helpful on the phone and later in person. I bought a bunch of stuff but changed systems and had to return some of what I had purchased. They were still pleasant and professional. I will return for other purchase related to my solar needs."

- Rob, Aug 2014
"Our first experience owning a pool and getting quotes from a variety of vendors on pump, heater and solar. The quotes varied quite a bit but what I loved about Alcor was how friendly and efficient Al was even on the quoting. He sure knows his stuff. We decided to go with Alcor and couldn't have been happier. We have an older Anthony pool and Al was able to work around the old stuff, install a new heater, new solar and a new variable speed pump. Fantastic experience from quote all the way to the end. Can't think about any negative. Cleanup was great."

- Mark, Jan 2013
"I have utilized Alcor Solar on two different homes. Our current home in Walnut Creek was a real challenge and Alcor came through big time. Lots of valleys and rises in our roof, yet they expertly installed 12 panels and the pool runs warm all summer and late into the fall. I would recommend the automatic thermostat, it keeps the pool from getting too warm. We like it at 80 and that is where it stays all swim season. I did use one other local solar company years ago and it was a disaster. Alcor is honest and does excellent work, you will not regret giving the assignment to these guys."

- Skip, Nov 2012
"We got three estimates for installing solar for our rather large pool (hard to heat) and decided on Alcor. We loved Al from the moment we met him and trusted him immediately. His estimate was very reasonable. Al and his team installed our solar system this spring and were fast, reliable and responsive. Their follow-up has been excellent, and the system is working beautifully. We've been able to swim comfortably all summer. Last summer the pool never got over 74 degrees, and this summer we've been able to keep it in the mid-80's every day. This was a good investment, and we recommend Alcor to anyone who wants a hassle-free, efficient and reliable system."

- Vickey, Aug 2011
"We got our solar panels done from Alcor for our pool, not only is the owner Al a wonderful man he's very fair, honest, and RELIABLE. His staff is always professional. Its really refreshing to have a company do what they say when they say it,and do it right!! I recommend these guys 100% so if your thinking of putting solar in for your pool go ALCOR. Starting with receptionist who is great , the entire process was truely a great experience"

- Denise, May 2011
"I got my pool done, seven panels on my roof and they looked so much better than I expected! Straight pipe runs and panels were nice and centered on my roof. Customer service was fantastic! Before Matt and Forest left the job site they cleaned everything. Thank you AL. You guys did a great job!!!!"

- Bhea, Aug 2010
"Alcor is truly a superb buisness in every aspect. Al and his crew take great pride in the work they do, They are always there if you have questions and they take the time to explain things to you. Very educational. I say the best investment I ever did . I love my solar pool and I love the security i have knowing they are always there if i need them...I say all businesses should take a lesson from Alcor Solar. Thank you Alcor."

- Karen, July 2010
"When I decided to go Solar for the pool 8 years ago I met with all of them. My site required a custom setup, which I assumed all installs were because every pool site is different. That was not the case as I found out. Only Alcor offered the best Solar Panels in the industry along with an experieced install team. The price was very competive even compared to lesser panels. Alcor did the complete job in just 2 days and we have enjoyed a warm swim every season."

- Pau B, Dec 2009
"I had my solar heating system installed about 7 years ago, and it's still the best home improvement experience that I've had. The people at Alcor were polite and respectful and they finished the job ahead of schedule. I subsequently recommended Alcor to my neighbor, my brother, and my boss they all got new systems from Alcor and thanked me for the help. I just wish they did kitchen remodels, it would have saved me a lot of pain and money."
- Jim, Dec 2008
"We used the pool for the first time on March 31st and were able to enjoy the warm water through October. On the last day of March our pool temperature was at 80° and during the summer we had to throttle it back to maintain it at 85°. This year we had a family party and my twin's 3 year old grandchildren spent most of the day in the water which made the cost of the installation worth every penny. This system is great and the people at ALCOR did a fantastic job with the installation and completed it when they said they would."
- Tom & Nedra, March 2003
"I would like to thank you for the excellent service in providing and installing our new pump, filter, and solar system. I am sure we will be very happy with it this spring when we can actually enjoy the pool rather than just sticking our toes in it. Your employees were courteous to work with and neat with their removal of our old system while installing the new one. Thanks for the great job."
- Linda, January 2003
"People must love you. Congratulations on the good work."

- Patrick, M.D., May 2001
"Both my parents are happy. They have been in the pool more this summer than they have for the entire 24 years they've had the pool! They also (and myself) found your honesty (so rare these days) very special! I know they will recommend your company as often as possible."
- Melissa, July 1998

"Thank you for your quick response. As a homeowner it is a pleasure to do business with a responsible contractor. Thanks again."

- Tony, August 1997
"It's been almost 6 months now since you installed our solar system. It performs flawlessly! Your honesty and professionalism is to be commended in this day and age in regards to contractor / homeowner relationship. 'Call Al at ALCOR. He uses only the best products and installs on time AND he stands behind his word'. "

- Bob & Peggy, August 1995
"My pool got into the high 80's and then I turned down the solar because the pool was so hot it wasn't refreshing. I went swimming almost every day during the summer as compared to last year, maybe a total of 10 swimming days. The men who installed the system were prompt, professional, and finished when they promised. Thanks again."

- Jeannine, October 1994
"It's been a pleasure doing business with you over the years since we've had our solar panels installed. You have a solid reference from me anytime you need it!"
- Kathy, August 1993
"You are always there 'right now' when I have a problem and I appreciate it. Put me on your list of references - maybe at the top! Happy swimming."
- Jani, April 1993
"The solar is working great - the guys finished on Friday and by Sunday the water was at 83°!. Much, much better. Thanks for your professional service. We will certainly recommend ALCOR to anyone who is considering solar."
- Dale & Wine, June 1991
"Thank you!!! You are a professional and so are your employees. There were no loose ends, nothing to clean up. You were here, you did the job. There were no surprises, no added expenses and based on my neighbor's experience with you, there won't be a problem with the follow up. Thanks again!"
- Donna & Frank, May 1990
" I was very satisfied with the expertise of what both men had and definitely felt that both men understood thoroughly the proper method of plumbing as well as electrical installation of the entire system."
- Ronald, April 1983
"The installation was quick and efficient. It was finished almost before we realized it had been started. Your product has been more than useful to us. Thank you again."
- Mike, March 1983
"I must say that I have been really impressed with the results. This was a great investment. I highly recommend that anyone installing solar have the people of ALCOR install it."
- Douglas, August 1983
"Everything is A OK! Thank you for being a skilled, conscientious and honest mechanic. I surely can recommend you highly!"

- Hank, February 1982
"Good luck in your solar career - it's a good choice for someone like you who is willing to work hard!"
- Dorothy, October 1981