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Alcor & Aquatherm Partnership

ALCOR is proud to partner with Aquatherm/Solar Industries, an industry leader!

About Aquatherm
Solar Industries production line 1976 Aquatherm Factory
About thirty years ago a small group of engineers had a thought – someday, heating a pool with a conventional fossil-fuel heater will become a luxury we can no longer afford. But, as most pool owners will tell you, an unheated pool is an unused pool.

The group began work on what would become the Solar Industries Solar Pool Heating System – a long lasting, cost-effective polyprolylene solar heater for swimming pools.

With its unique design, the SI Collector received the first patent ever awarded for a sun-tracking “Tube-and-Web” polypropylene solar collector. Modern Plastics Magazine heralded the design and manufacturing process as a “new concept” in the use of polypropylene for such an application.

Today, Aquatherm Industries manufactures six of the most trusted brands of collectors in the solar pool heating industry.

Aquatherm Factory

All material is processed and assembled under one roof at our 50,000 square-foot facility in Lakewood, NJ. This “pellets to pallets,” vertically integrated approach gives us total quality control, and assures collectors and components of the highest quality.

Our success has been built around the strength of our international network of Dealers and Distributors. Our solar heating systems can be found on over 500,000 pools around the world, helping pool owners to maximize their season – as well as their investment in a swimming pool.

A Message from Dave Sizelove – President & CEO, Aquatherm Industries

Dave Sizelove Thank you for visiting with us. If this is your first contact with Aquatherm, I'd like to personally extend a warm welcome to you. We hope you will join our family of satisfied customers, who currently number over 500,000 residential and commercial pool owners around the world. We are proud to be the first and only solar pool heating manufacturer in the world to be NSF-50 listed for commercial pools – a durability and toxicity standard that assures pool owners and their families that their solar pool heater and the water they swim in are safe.

Although solar pool heating is not as well known as more exotic uses of solar energy, such as solar electric cells or large turbine systems, heating pools with solar energy remains the most cost-effective use of solar thermal in the world, as well as its largest.

According to the most recent industry statistics, Aquatherm is now the largest manufacturer of solar pool heating collectors in the United States. For that we are grateful. But our goal has never been to be the biggest - only the best at what we do. In recognition of our commitment to quality, Aquatherm has been recognized as the first and only U.S. solar collector manufacturer to receive the exclusive ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing registration. This accomplishment joins a long list of certifications and approvals for Aquatherm and its products, making us the not only the most trusted, but the most tested manufacturer of solar pool heating products in the world.
We get letters from customers who tell us they're amazed at how well solar works, and how much they use their pools now for quiet evening swims, parties with friends and family, and for the best exercise ever. Because solar pool heaters work so well in every climate, pool owners from Florida to Maine to the Midwest into California and the Great Northwest - although we're still waiting for our first customer in Alaska - are using Aquatherm's in-ground and above ground pool heaters.

Increasingly, our efficient solar pool heaters are being installed overseas, with pool owners in India, Europe, Africa, Central and South America, and the Pacific Rim enjoying the benefits. Solar pool heating is fast becoming the global standard, and Aquatherm is at the forefront of this dynamic market.